We do software, electronics and more.

Feel free to go through our rates below and if you have any questions regarding your project needs, you may reach out using the contact sheet at the bottom of this page or by emailing us  at:

 [email protected]

Free - Contact us with what you need and an expirienced dev will give you an estimated timeframe and Price to get the job done!

Base Rate:
$35 / Hour - We require a minimum of $210 or 6 hours payment to get started. After that we charge $35 per hour for any additional time that we spend on a project. Each Project type has a minimum Kick off Price to get started on the work.

Project Types:
Personal Websites: $30 - $100
Shopify stores: $100+
Wix sites: $25
Smart LEDS: $115(Parts included)
LED Cube: $199(Parts included)
Small Arduino/Raspberry Pi Applications: $499+
Medium Arduino/Raspberry Pi Applications: $1999+
Large Arduino/Raspberry Pi Applications: $9999+
Custom applications: $300+
Mobile Applications: $1k+
Hosting/Domian charges:
After a consultation we can guide you on finding the solution best suited twoard your bsuinesses needs. Expect these charges to range anywhere from $10/month - $80/month